Taiwan reacts sharply to remarks by China's Xi

Taiwan has reacted sharply to Chinese President Xi Jinping's address at an event to commemorate the 110th anniversary of China's 1911 Revolution.

Taiwan's presidential office released a statement saying the 1911 Revolution established democracy and republicanism, not authoritarianism and despotism. It said democracy and republicanism have been realized in today's Taiwan.

The statement said Hong Kong's situation demonstrates that China has betrayed its promises, and that its "one country, two systems" policy is infeasible. It went on to say that Taiwan's mainstream public opinion clearly rejects the idea of "one country, two systems."

In a separate statement, Taiwan's Mainland Affairs Council said the greatest problem in cross-strait relations lies in Beijing's failure to face up to Taiwan and to renounce the use of force.

It said Beijing's rigid Taiwan policy fails to respond to the changing international situation and totally ignores the Taiwanese people's doubts and objections. It added that only Taiwan's 23 million people have the right to determine their future.