Apple appeals in case against Epic Games

Apple has filed a notice of appeal with a US court in a case against Epic Games, the developer of the popular online game Fortnite.

Apple and Epic Games have been in a legal battle since the technology giant deleted the game from its App Store.

The deletion was in response to the game maker's move to start its own payment service, in a bid to avoid Apple's billing system that charges up to 30 percent of sales in commission fees.

In September, a federal district court in California ruled that Apple's policy of prohibiting app developers from steering consumers to outside payment methods was anticompetitive, and it ordered Apple to review its App Store rules.

Apple appealed the ruling on Friday and asked for a stay on an injunction to review the rules until the lawsuit is concluded.

Apple and the Japan Fair Trade Commission reached a settlement last month, in which the tech firm is obliged to allow distributors of e-book, music and video apps to add links to outside payment systems.

Experts say Apple cannot afford to make any concessions on commission fees from game app sales, as they comprise a sizable source of the tech giant's income.