S.Korea's opposition narrows down candidates

South Korea's largest opposition party has narrowed down its number of candidates for the country's presidential election next March from eight to four.

The People Power Party election committee announced on Friday that it chose the four based on party member voting and public opinion.

Former Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-youl is the frontrunner in opinion polls. Yoon resigned his post after splitting with President Moon Jae-in's administration.

But support for Yoon has been suffering over allegations that he told an opposition lawmaker to lodge criminal complaints against a person close to the ruling Democratic Party.

Veteran lawmaker Hong Joon-pyo is closing the gap on Yoon. Hong lost the 2017 presidential election to Moon but is gaining support in polls, backed by his reputation for sending clear messages.

The People Power Party hopes to retake the presidency by attracting public attention and support through heated debates among the contenders. It plans to choose its final candidate in November.

The Democrats are also in the process of selecting a final candidate. They plan to announce the results of regional voting on Sunday. Attention is focused on whether Lee Jae-myung, the governor of Gyeonggi Province outside Seoul, will hold onto his lead.