Google offers travelers eco-friendly choices

Google users are getting new options designed to cut down on their energy use and reduce CO2 emissions when they travel.

The features are in Google Maps and the flight reservation service.

For drivers, the new version of Maps can search out and display the most energy-efficient routes. It analyzes traffic jams and volume and inclines in roads. The most eco-friendly route may not necessarily be the fastest or shortest.

Google started offering the option in the United States on Wednesday. Users in Europe can expect it from next year.

The company believes the new feature will lead to a reduction of one-million tons of CO2 emissions next year.

The reservation service shows the amount of emissions produced by specific flights and per seat. Flights associated with relatively low output will be labelled with a green badge.

Google says business- and first-class seats are less eco-friendly than those in economy, as they take up more of a plane's cabin space.