US, China agree to hold virtual summit by year-end

The United States and China have agreed in principle that President Joe Biden and President Xi Jinping will hold a virtual summit before the end of this year.

The agreement came when Biden's national security advisor, Jake Sullivan, met with China's top diplomat, Yang Jiechi, in Zurich on Wednesday. Both sides have evaluated the talks positively.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters that "what came out of the discussions was an agreement to continue dialogue at a very high level."

A senior US administration official who disclosed the online summit plan said the talks were the most in-depth to date.

The official said Sullivan raised concerns about China's actions related to human rights, Taiwan and other issues. The official added that what the US is trying to achieve is a steady state between the two countries where they can compete intensely but manage the competition responsibly.

China's Foreign Ministry said the Zurich talks were constructive and helped to deepen mutual understanding.

It also said Yang explained China's position on Taiwan, human rights and other issues and called on the US to respect China's sovereignty. The US side reportedly told Yang it will maintain its one-China policy.

Yang said mutual cooperation would benefit both countries and the world, but confrontation would damage them. He reportedly said they agreed to make efforts to put bilateral relations back on the right track.