Kishida to stress need to win trust and empathy

Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio is set to stress the need for politics that can win public trust and empathy in his first general policy speech on Friday.

A draft of the speech says Kishida will strive to overcome the coronavirus challenge with the people and open up a new era. He will also promise a thorough inspection into whether administrative policies are meeting society's needs.

Kishida's coronavirus response measures will include making orally administered treatment drugs available by the end of the year, ensuring public safety through the use of digital vaccine certificates, and legal revisions to secure medical resources.

He will vow to realize a new capitalism through a beneficial cycle of growth and wealth distribution and the creation of a new society where coexistence with the coronavirus will be the norm.

Kishida will outline growth strategies such as bold investment in research and development for cutting-edge scientific technology, and building digital infrastructure.

He will also lay out distribution plans to expand tax relief for businesses that raise wages, and to support education and housing costs in the form of loans that students can repay when they find a job after graduation.

In the fields of diplomacy and national security, Kishida will pledge to promote a free and open Indo-Pacific, and to lead the international community in efforts to realize a nuclear-free world as the head of the only country to have suffered a nuclear attack.