Marcos' son to run for Philippines presidency

The son of former Philippine president Ferdinand Marcos says he will run in next year's presidential election.

Ferdinand Marcos Jr., a 64-year-old former senator, registered his candidacy on Wednesday.

After the registration, he called on people to unite to address the coronavirus pandemic and avoided criticizing the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte.

The election is scheduled for next May, and registration for candidacy ends on Friday.

Duterte's eldest daughter, Sara Duterte, is seen as a possible candidate.
On Saturday, Duterte announced that he intends to retire from politics and not run for vice president in the election.

Duterte is said to have friendly relations with the Marcos family as his father served as a member of the Marcos administration.

Duterte allowed the burial of the body of former president Marcos at a cemetery for national heroes in the capital Manila. Previous governments did not permit his burial there.

Marcos was ousted in a 1986 people power uprising and fled to Hawaii after about two decades of dictatorial rule.