Taiwan: China capable of full invasion by 2025

Taiwan's defense chief says China will be able to fully invade Taiwan by 2025.

China has sent 150 military aircraft into Taiwan's air defense identification zone in the first five days of this month.

Taiwan's defense minister Chiu Kuo-cheng said in parliament on Wednesday that the situation across the Taiwan Strait is the most serious since he joined the military 40 years ago.

Analysts say China could invade Taiwan if expected gains outweigh anticipated losses.

Chiu said that by 2025, China will bring the cost and attrition to their lowest levels and be completely prepared to launch a full-scale invasion.

Taiwanese authorities plan to upgrade their weapons to increase deterrence. They have submitted to parliament draft legislation for a special budget allocation of about 8.6 billion dollars over the next five years. They plan to use part of the extra funds for mass production of long-range missiles.

Authorities say China has been deploying nuclear submarines and missile destroyers one after another, and that it will be increasingly able to block the strait from 2025.