Migrating butterfly arrives in western Japan city

Hundreds of migrating butterflies known as chestnut tigers, or asagimadara in Japanese, have arrived in Miyoshi City, Hiroshima Prefecture in western Japan.

The butterfly has a wingspan of about 10 centimeters. It is known to migrate northward from spring through summer and back southward in autumn, traveling for a long distance like migratory birds.

Chestnut tigers can be seen around this time of the year in the riverside area of the city where thoroughwort, which is planted on fallow rice fields, is in bloom. The plant is the butterfly's favorite and one of the seven autumn flowers traditionally savored in Japan.

Local residents said the butterflies have been spotted since the middle of last month. They said they have counted more than 300 of them.

They added that the butterflies can be seen until around this weekend.

Sakane Noriaki, who is involved in protecting the butterfly, said he is excited to see many of them again this year. He added that he will continue working to protect a beautiful insect that lifts his spirit.