Manabe's Nobel Prize congratulations pour in

Japanese climate researchers have congratulated Japan-born scientist Syukuro Manabe for winning this year's Nobel Prize in Physics.

Associate Professor Tozuka Tomoki at the University of Tokyo's School of Science, who personally knows Manabe, said he is very happy about the news.

He said Manabe's research deserves the prize, adding that it helps global warming studies, and it is also used for the Meteorological Agency's forecasting models that are important for our daily lives.

Dr. Matsuno Taroh, a principal scientist at the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology, said he sent a congratulatory message to Manabe.

The two have been friends for more than 60 years and worked in the same research area since they were graduate school students.

Matsuno said he and Manabe shared joy that their study field was recognized.

He described Manabe as being energetic and cheerful, adding that he also has interest and knowledge covering many other topics such as politics and society.