Myanmar UN envoy to appeal for intl. support

Myanmar's envoy to the United Nations plans to make an international appeal for support for citizens in his home country who are protesting military rule.

Myanmar's military seized power in a coup in February. A local human rights group says 1,158 civilians died in crackdowns through Monday.

Pro-democracy forces in Myanmar have launched the National Unity Government, which last month called for a revolt against military rule. This triggered armed clashes across the country that have resulted in huge casualties on both sides.

Myanmar's Ambassador Kyaw Moe Tun is set to speak shortly at a General Assembly panel in New York.

Kyaw Moe Tun was appointed by Myanmar's former democratically elected government. He is still seen as representing Myanmar, despite the military rulers' appointment of their own envoy. That's because the UN Credentials Committee has yet to decide on the country's representation.

An assassination plot against Kyaw Moe Tun was reportedly uncovered in August. US authorities, including the FBI, have been investigating the case.