Amari urged to explain money scandal in Diet

Japanese opposition parties have agreed to continue to urge new Secretary-General of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party Amari Akira to explain to the Diet about a political funding scandal he was involved in 5 years ago.

Amari resigned as economic revitalization minister in 2016 after an allegation surfaced that his office had received cash from a construction firm in return for helping it. The firm was negotiating with a government-backed agency for compensation.

Later in the year, public prosecutors investigated the case but didn't indict Amari and two of his former secretaries.

The Constitutional Democratic and other opposition parties recently launched a team to reexamine the scandal. They say even if a judicial decision has already been made, there is a need to investigate facts about the issue, as Amari has taken the important post.

In the team's first meeting on Tuesday, members reported that Amari's office has not fully responded to their open letter asking it to release its investigation report said to have been drawn up by lawyers.

The members said Amari shows no attitude toward fulfilling political responsibility to explain the scandal.