Japan women's volleyball captain to retire

Japanese women's volleyball star Araki Erika has announced her retirement after playing in four consecutive Olympics.

The 37-year-old from Okayama Prefecture boasts an array of attack techniques. She has played in every Summer Olympics since the 2008 Beijing Games through this year's Tokyo Games, in which she served as team captain.

At a news conference in Nagoya on Tuesday, Araki said she wanted to spend more time with her daughter, and felt she had reached the limit of her ability. She added that she has given her all to the sport.

Reflecting on the Japanese women's team's disappointing performance at the Tokyo Games, Araki said she feels responsibility and regret over not being able to pass on something good to younger players.

She stressed the importance of individual players' brushing up on their skills, and then putting those skills together as a team.

Araki plans to become a part-time staff member of her professional league team, Toyota Auto Body, to promote public relations and help make society more open to working mothers.