Japan's new PM ready to tackle challenges

Japan's new Prime Minister Kishida Fumio has expressed his resolve to promptly tackle various challenges faced by his administration.

Kishida began a full work schedule on Tuesday, one day after taking office. He had his first telephone call with US President Joe Biden, and also his first regular Cabinet meeting.

Kishida told reporters that he was feeling as tense and excited as after the "play ball" call in a baseball game. He said he intends to maintain that motivation while running his administration.

Kishida said state ministers and the rest of his Cabinet will be named by Wednesday, and all members will respond to various issues in a timely manner.

The prime minister announced on Monday that he plans to dissolve the Lower House on October 14, for a general election on the 31st.

Kishida suggested that he will present his administration's complete vision in a policy speech that he's due to deliver in the Diet, and through the question-and-answer sessions that will follow.

He added that it is also important for opposition parties to clarify their ideas through the questions they pose after his speech, so the public can understand the differences ahead of the general election.