Rare 'naoshichi' fruit harvested in western Japan

The harvesting of a rare citrus fruit is now at its peak in Kochi prefecture, western Japan.

According to a local legend, a fishmonger called Naoshichi said that the fruit's citrus juice makes fish tastier.

In Sukumo City, harvesting began in late September. About a dozen people arrived on Saturday to help fruit farmer Mimatsu Yoshitaka with his crop.

They confirmed the ripeness of the naoshichi fruit and used scissors when picking to carefully preserve the condition.

Mimatsu says the crop was not affected by low winter temperatures and he expects a yield of about 230 tons, which is better than average years.

He said naoshichi have a mild acidity and can be enjoyed with grilled fish or alcoholic drinks.

The citrus fruit will be harvested until early November and shipped mainly to Tokyo and surrounding metropolitan areas, as well as other places across the nation.