ASEAN expresses disappointment in Myanmar junta

ASEAN foreign ministers say they are disappointed by the Myanmar military's reluctance to accept the association's special envoy.

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations held an online foreign ministerial meeting on Monday to discuss a proposed visit to Myanmar by Brunei Second Foreign Minister Erywan Yusof.

ASEAN picked him in August to mediate a dialogue between Myanmar's military and the nation's pro-democracy camp.

At a post-meeting news conference, Indonesian foreign minister Retno Marsudi said she told her ASEAN counterparts that the special envoy was having trouble visiting Myanmar to meet with all parties, including pro-democracy leaders.

She said Myanmar's military has not reacted positively to the special envoy's activity. She said most ASEAN members expressed disappointment in the military.

The Indonesian minister said she hopes ASEAN leaders will discuss the issue to find a breakthrough when they meet later this month.

Malaysian Foreign Minister Saifuddin Abdullah tweeted that the members are disappointed that the Myanmar authority have " not cooperated with the Special Envoy of the ASEAN Chair on Myanmar."

More than five months have passed since ASEAN decided to send a special envoy to Myanmar following a coup in February. More than 1,100 people have been killed in the Myanmar military's crackdown on citizens.

It remains uncertain what role the ASEAN can play and how it can change the military's posture.