Lawmakers react to Kishida's selection

Japan's ruling and opposition parties are reacting to Kishida's selection. The newly appointed LDP secretary-general calls Kishida a suitable leader for a time when the social divide is growing because of the pandemic.

The LDP Secretary-General Amari Akira said, "Japan needed a leader that will stand by the people, share their pain, and show the direction that society should move forward together. In that sense, Mr Kishida is a great listener. I can surely say that we now have a considerate prime minister."

Japan's opposition leader is expressing doubts about the new prime minister. He says the LDP avoids debate and does not explain decisions, and that will not change under Kishida.

Constitutional Democratic Party leader Edano Yukio said, "Unfortunately, the cover has changed but the book remains the same. Even the Diet budget committee meeting will not be held. Japan will head to an election before the incoming ministers even state their policies. People will not have any criteria to determine how they should make their choice."