Japan wants to grasp eco-cars' overall CO2 output

The Japanese government is planning a set of studies to measure the overall carbon footprint of electrified vehicles. Officials want to accurately calculate how much carbon-dioxide is emitted when the cars are made, used, and scrapped.

The government has already set the goal of banning new vehicles powered only by fossil fuels by 2035.
That initiative is part of a push to achieve a carbon-free society.

The government is promoting electric and other vehicles that produce no carbon dioxide while running.
But a question remains about how to calculate the amount of CO2 emitted throughout their entire lifespan.

The Transport Ministry says it will launch the studies from fiscal 2022, which starts in April.

The ministry officials plan to explore calculation methods that can be applied to the production of auto parts, like bodies and batteries.

They also want to determine and measure the sources of the electricity that powers vehicles, such as whether it comes from thermal power generation or renewable energy.