Citizen journalist who documented Wuhan reappears

A Chinese citizen journalist who reported the medical collapse in the city of Wuhan in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic and went missing has reappeared after 20 months.

In a video posted on social media on Thursday, Chen Qiushi said when he was able to go out again, his health was so poor that he got tired after walking for one or two kilometers.

The remark suggests that he had been forced to live a restricted life. But Chen said the past is gone and good times have come back.

The former lawyer went to Wuhan in Hubei Province in January last year before the city was placed under a lockdown due to a coronavirus outbreak.

He uploaded videos on social media that showed overwhelmed medical services.

Chen went missing and was believed to have been under surveillance by the Chinese authorities.

Also on Thursday, a Twitter account believed to belong to him carried a message that said he has been through a lot of things in the past year and 8 months, some of which he can talk about and some he cannot.

An account of a video-sharing app was also disclosed but it was deleted shortly afterwards.

It is believed that Chen is still under surveillance by the authorities.