3 months since Atami deadly mudslides

People have mourned victims of mudslides in the city of Atami, Shizuoka Prefecture, central Japan, to mark three months since the deadly disaster.

Massive mudslides struck the Izusan district of the city on July 3, killing 26 people. One woman remains missing. Officials say the disaster damaged 132 homes, including 53 that were destroyed and 11 that were heavily damaged.

About 30 members of a group of bereaved families and affected people gathered around the site on Sunday to observe a moment of silence.

A man who heads the group and who lost his mother in the disaster says he feels the past three months have passed so quickly, as various things happened.

He said it was very hard on him until his mother was found, and that he hopes the missing woman will be uncovered as soon as possible.

Around 580 people were evacuated to hotels arranged by the city. Officials say most of them have already returned home or moved to temporary housing.

However, a number of people remain away from areas where they have lived for many years. There are challenges in how to rebuild that lives and how to prevent elderly people from becoming isolated.