Long lines at gas stations in Britain

Long lines are becoming the norm at gas stations across Britain as a significant shortage of truck drivers disrupts gasoline deliveries.

Chronic shortages of workers including lorry drivers have been felt in various economic sectors in the country in the wake of its departure from the European Union. Workers from within the EU need visas to work in Britain and with the COVID-19 pandemic, many of them left.

Gas stations felt the pinch and some were forced to close. Consumers went on panic buying sprees and vehicles lined up at gas stations in places like London.

Military drivers will be deployed beginning Monday to help deliver gasoline. The government now says that temporary visas would be issued for foreign lorry drivers.

But a transportation organization estimates that roughly 100,000 drivers are needed.

Driver shortages and delivery disruptions are also being felt at grocery stores in some parts of the country as shelves are going empty.