Protests in US against abortion law in Texas

Protesters around the United States have raised their voices against a highly-restrictive abortion law that went into effect in the state of Texas in September.

The law bans abortion after cardiac activity is detected in the embryo, which is usually around the sixth week of pregnancy.

Organizers of the protests say that rallies took place in about 650 cities in all 50 states on Saturday.

In Dallas, Texas, about 2,500 people gathered at a downtown park. They marched together holding placards, one of which said "Keep abortion legal." They chanted "My body, my choice."

Anti-abortion protesters also showed up, shouting that abortion is murder.

Opposing groups yelled at each other and at one point police moved in to keep them separated.

Michelle Anderson, from an organizing group that supports women who want to have abortion, said the new law "tells women that we won't be able to have rights to make our own decision about our body," adding, "that should never happen."

One of the participants living in Texas said that the law is sickening and that the protest is just a beginning. She said that she hopes to see their actions lead to change.