39 Chinese military aircraft enter Taiwan ADIZ

Taiwan says 39 Chinese military aircraft entered its air defense identification zone on Saturday, setting another record daily entry by Chinese forces.

Taiwan's defense ministry says the aircraft entered the zone in two waves.

The first batch contained 18 fighter jets and two anti-submarine planes. It flew into the zone over waters southwest of Taiwan during the daytime.

The second group entered the same zone at night. It was made up of 18 fighter jets and an early warning plane.

The entry of 39 Chinese military planes is the largest in a single day since Taiwan's defense ministry started releasing data in its current format in September of last year. The number also marked a record high for the second day in a row. Thirty-eight Chinese aircraft entered the zone on Friday.

In a report released in late August, Taiwan's defense ministry said Beijing is trying to narrow the air area for Taiwan's military activity and burden its air defense by having the Chinese military drill off the coast of southwestern Taiwan.

Taiwan media quoted an expert as saying the Chinese military may be conducting drills on deploying multiple units in waves in the event of an armed conflict.