Kishida preparing to launch new government

The new leader of Japan's main governing Liberal Democratic Party, Kishida Fumio, is preparing to launch a new government. He is virtually assured to be elected prime minister by the Diet on Monday.

Kishida met his pick for Chief Cabinet Secretary, Matsuno Hirokazu, on Saturday to discuss the contents of a policy speech Kishida will deliver as the new prime minister at the Diet on Friday.

He plans to propose key policies he advocated during the LDP's leadership election last month, including the creation of a new form of capitalism.

Kishida also plans to complete the lineup of his Cabinet on Sunday.

The extraordinary session of the Diet is expected to close on October 14.

The term for members of the Lower House ends on October 21.

If the new prime minister dissolves the Lower House, a general election for the chamber will take place within 40 days.

Lawmakers in the governing coalition are speculating that such an election would be held on Sunday, November 7, or the following Sunday, considering the Diet and diplomatic schedules.