Taiwan: 38 Chinese military aircraft entered ADIZ

Taiwan says 38 Chinese military aircraft entered its air defense identification zone on Friday, the largest entry by Chinese forces in a single day.

Taiwan's defense ministry said 25 of the aircraft, including fighter jets and bombers, flew into the zone over waters southwest of Taiwan during the day. It says 13 more aircraft flew into the zone at night.

Twelve of them passed through the Bashi Channel between Taiwan and the Philippines, reaching waters on the Pacific side of Taiwan, before heading back along the same route.

The entry of 38 Chinese military planes into the zone in a single day is the largest action of its kind since Taiwan's defense ministry started releasing data in the current format in September of last year.

Expert analysis published online by Taiwan newspaper the China Times said Beijing was showing off its military strength to coincide with National Day.

It said the entries demonstrate that China is capable of nighttime attacks on naval and air forces beyond what China calls the first island chain.

The US Navy tweeted that a US aircraft carrier was navigating waters near the Philippines around the same time. It is not known whether there is any correlation between the voyage and the entries by the Chinese military.

Taiwan Premier Su Tseng-chang said China's military "aggression" was damaging regional peace.