US rally calls for pressure on China over Uyghurs

Protesters rallied in Washington on Friday calling for more pressure by the United States and other countries on China against what they call the "genocide" being perpetrated on the Uyghur people.

A Uyghur human rights group based in the US capital and others organized the event. About 200 people attended, including Congress members and those from China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

One woman said she was detained at a facility in the Xinjiang region for about 10 months. She said women there were forced to undergo sterilization. She called for more international pressure on China.

Another woman said she came to protest what she called the ongoing genocide and urge US and other governments to take action.

The Biden administration has sanctioned officials in the Xinjiang region. The US Congress is deliberating legislation aimed at preventing the distribution of goods in the US made through forced labor in Xinjiang.