Sumo: Ex-yokozuna Hakuho speaks on his retirement

Former Sumo Yokozuna Grand Champion Hakuho says he had no hesitation about his decision to retire, and is now filled with relief.

The former yokozuna spoke to reporters alongside his stable master Miyagino on Friday, one day after he ended his 20-year career and took the stable master name of Magaki. He won a record 45 grand sumo tournament titles.

Magaki said he felt like 20 years had passed quickly. He called himself a happy man as he really loves sumo.

He revealed that it was on the 10th day of the July Grand Sumo Tournament in Nagoya this year that he made the final decision to leave the ring.

He noted that he had surgery on his knee in August last year, was infected with the coronavirus after that, and underwent another operation on his knee in March this year.

He said that in the last tournament, when he put his future on the line, his knee refused to work.

The former grand champion said his goal was to secure double-digit wins, and when he achieved that on the 10th day of the tournament, he told his stable master and staff that he would retire.

He added that he had no hesitation because of his knee.

He expressed gratitude to his stable master, to whom he said he owes what he is. He said, sometimes tearfully, that he would become an "oyakata" coach by learning from scratch under his master.