S.Korea beefs up defense to respond to any threats

South Korean President Moon Jae-in has stressed that the government and military will resolutely respond to any acts that threaten the lives and safety of the country's citizens.

Moon delivered a speech on a naval transport ship off the coast of Pohang in the south on Friday, which marks the anniversary of the founding of the country's military.

He said as the military's commander in chief, his biggest responsibility is to create and defend permanent peace on the Korean Peninsula.

Moon made no mention of North Korea which has recently carried out a series of missile tests while as well as expressed willingness to restore communication links with Seoul.

In the address, Moon referred to his efforts to beef up his country's defense capabilities.

He said the government plans to increase next year's military budget to 55.2 trillion won, or about 47 billion dollars. He also mentioned the country's first successful underwater test of a submarine-launched ballistic missile in September and the development of a new light aircraft carrier.