Blinken calls for intl. response to N.Korea tests

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has indicated his country will call on the international community to make a united response to North Korea's missile launches.

Blinken spoke to reporters on Thursday before the North announced that it had test-fired a newly developed anti-aircraft missile.

North Korea had previously reported that it had carried out its first test-launch of a hypersonic missile, the Hwasong-8, on Tuesday. Blinken said the US is evaluating and assessing the launches to "understand exactly what they did, what technology they used." He added, "We've seen repeated violations now of UN Security Council resolutions that the international community needs to take very seriously."

Blinken also stressed that the US is working closely with South Korea and Japan "on the way forward."

The US, Britain and France requested an emergency session of the UN Security Council on Thursday to discuss North Korea, but the meeting has been postponed.