Rolls-Royce to go all-electric

Rolls Royce has become synonymous with luxury. The British car maker has gained a reputation for building large, powerful cars. The people who run the company have said they are going electric.

Executives announced that, by 2030, they will stop selling cars that run on gasoline. They plan to launch their first electric vehicle within two years.

Engineers unveiled their plans for a two-door coupe that is smaller, and sportier, than what they have designed before. They call it "Spectre."

The company's chief executive officer said they want to appeal to young people concerned about the environment. Torsten Muller-Otvos said potential clients have told him that they would buy their first Rolls-Royce once the company went electric.

European leaders have tightened environmental regulations. By 2035, they want to ban the sale of new cars powered by gas or diesel.

Earlier this month, executives at Daimler unveiled an electric version of their classic Mercedes-Maybach. Their counterparts at Volkswagen announced that, by 2030, their luxury brand Bentley will switch to electric too.