New LDP leader reveals key executives

The new leader of Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party is wasting no time in picking his party executives.

On Wednesday, Kishida Fumio won the party's presidential election. He is virtually assured of becoming Japan's Prime Minister next week.

Kishida is likely to tap Amari Akira for the party's number-two position, Secretary-General. Amari has held four ministerial positions in the government. Amari was Japan's lead negotiator for what was formerly known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Takaichi Sanae is likely to become the party's Policy Research Council Chairperson. She competed against Kishida in the LDP leadership election.

Fukuda Tatsuo is likely to be named as the General Council Chairperson. He is the son of former Prime Minister Fukuda Yasuo.

Kono Taro is likely to be the chairperson of the Public Relations Headquarters. Kono came in second to Kishida in Wednesday's leadership election. He is currently Japan's Regulatory Reform Minister.

Matsuno Hirokazu is likely to be appointed as Chief Cabinet Secretary for Kishida's new cabinet. Matsuno is a former Education minister.