Mitsubishi Tanabe plans domestic vaccine trial

Japanese drug maker Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation says it plans to start a domestic clinical study of a new coronavirus vaccine in October.

The firm says the vaccine candidate is being developed by its Canada-based affiliated company Medicago, in collaboration with a British pharmaceutical company.

The vaccine is undergoing a final-stage clinical study in countries including Canada and the United States.

Mitsubishi Tanabe says the vaccine is made by using virus-like particles derived from a fast-growing plant that is genetically manipulated with virus information.

The company says the vaccine's production period is as short as five to eight weeks and production costs are relatively low.

It says the vaccine can be stored at two to eight degrees Celsius, and would be convenient to handle by small medical facilities.

Mitsubishi Tanabe says it aims to file an application for approval of the vaccine in Japan by March 2022.

Other Japanese pharmaceutical companies, including Daiichi Sankyo and Shionogi, have also started trials of vaccine candidates in Japan.