Matsuno to be named chief cabinet secretary

The new president of Japan's main ruling Liberal Democratic Party, Kishida Fumio, is to name former education minister Matsuno Hirokazu as chief cabinet secretary.

The post is said to be the keystone of a Cabinet. The person appointed serves as the top government spokesperson.

Matsuno was appointed to his first ministerial post as education minister in 2016 in then-Prime Minister Abe Shinzo's Cabinet, and is now the executive acting chairperson at the LDP General Council.

He is known for his extensive knowledge covering wide range of issues including education and employment.

Matsuno is also a senior member of the largest intra-party faction and has been in charge of coordinating issues with other factions, as well as within his own faction.

Kishida apparently hopes that the appointment of Matsuno as chief cabinet secretary will help consolidate his power base.