US generals contradict president

US military leaders have contradicted their Commander-in-Chief. President Joe Biden said last month that no one advised him to keep troops in Afghanistan. But senior officers said they recommended they maintain a force of 2,500.

General Kenneth McKenzie is the Commander of the US Central Command. He oversaw American forces during the final months of the war. He testified about the experience before the Senate Armed Services Committee.

McKenzie said he believed the withdrawal would lead to the collapse of Afghan forces and, eventually, the Afghan government. Those predictions came to pass in the weeks before the Americans pulled out.

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff gave similar testimony. General Mark Milley said his views were communicated to the President. But White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said military advisers provided "a range of viewpoints."

American troops pulled out last month, after 20 years in Afghanistan. Psaki said the President believed it was time to end the war.