IHI to use ammonia as power source in Malaysia

NHK has learned that Japanese machinery maker IHI plans to join hands with Malaysia's largest power utility to cut the country's carbon dioxide emissions. They will use ammonia as fuel for thermal power generation.

Sources close to the project say IHI's partners will be Malaysia's Tenaga Nasional Berhad and others.

Ammonia does not emit carbon dioxide when burnt.

Japan is leading the field in this technology and this is expected to be its first overseas project using it.

The companies aim to mix ammonia into the fuel for coal-fired power generation to cut carbon dioxide emissions by 20 percent.

They also plan to use renewable energy for producing ammonia to further reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Malaysia depends on coal-fired power generation for nearly half of its electricity. It is expected to take some time for the country to switch to greener methods of producing energy.