Weather official issues Typhoon Mindulle warning

The Japan Meteorological Agency has urged people to make safety preparations as a powerful typhoon approaches.

An agency official said Typhoon Mindulle is forecast to move close to Tokyo's Izu Islands in the Pacific on Friday, while retaining its strength.

He warned that it may bring storms and heavy rain to Pacific coastal areas of eastern and northern Japan, depending on its course.

He added that the typhoon was large in size, with stormy areas expanding to a radius of 600 kilometers from its center.

He called on residents of the Izu Islands to complete preparations for evacuation or other safety measures by Wednesday if possible, before conditions worsen as the typhoon approaches.

He also urged residents of other areas of Japan to remain vigilant and complete safety preparations by Thursday at the latest.

He asked people to keep a close eye on updates about the typhoon, as its course or other conditions may change.