China tries to keep EU in check in online talks

China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi has warned the European Union over its policy to deepen economic ties with Taiwan.

China's Foreign Ministry says Wang and Josep Borrell, the EU's High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, talked via video link on Tuesday.

The EU released its first-ever strategy for the Indo-Pacific region earlier this month and declared it will seek more economic ties with Taiwan.

In an apparent attempt to keep the European bloc in check, Wang stressed that the "one-China" principle is the political basis for China to develop relations with the EU.

According to an EU press release, Borrell told Wang that the EU and its member states have an interest to develop cooperation with Taiwan, a like-minded and important economic partner in the region, without any recognition of statehood.

Wang criticized the newly launched AUKUS security framework between the US, Britain and Australia. He said it's obvious who is triggering confrontation and who is promoting peaceful development of the region.

Observers say China is increasingly frustrated at the EU, a strong economic partner, as the US and its Western allies increase their commitments in the Indo-Pacific region.