Power shortages in China affect industry output

Restrictions on electricity supplies in China are affecting people's daily lives and industrial production.

Chinese media are reporting that surging coal prices and tighter environmental regulations to reduce carbon dioxide emissions are believed to be the reasons behind the restrictions.

The media also say power supplies are limited in wide areas, including the provinces of Guangdong in the south, Jiangsu in the east and Liaoning in the north.

Some residential areas have also been hit by power outages, while many companies have suspended operations.

A factory of a Japanese precision equipment maker in Guangdong is limited to only half the usual amount of electricity during daytime for six days a week.
The factory has moved part of its operations to night hours.

Another Japanese electronics maker says it has to use its own power generation system, because its power consumption is limited to 10 percent of the usual amount for five days a week.

As China aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060, regional governments are believed to be stepping up regulations to meet their allocated targets.