Japan labor group likely to have first woman chief

Japan's largest labor organization is set to have its first ever female chief.

Yoshino Tomoko, one of the vice presidents of the Japanese Trade Union Confederation, known as Rengo, has been nominated for the post of president. Current post holder Kozu Rikio's third term expires next month.

An executive nomination committee representing major labor unions has been considering who will take over in the role. Kozu said at a news conference on Tuesday that the committee has decided to nominate Yoshino.

Rengo plans to formally appoint a new president at a regular meeting scheduled to take place early next month. Yoshino, who has the support of major unions, is expected to be elected even if other candidates emerge.
Yoshino, 55, has served in the Japanese Association of Metal, Machinery and Manufacturing Workers. She has been a vice president of Rengo since 2015.

Kozu said that discussions within Rengo on promoting the appointment of women to leadership roles led to Yoshino's nomination. He went on to say the new president is expected to be able to deliver a clear message. He said that Yoshino is more than fit for the job.