Typhoon Mindulle likely to approach Izu Islands

Typhoon Mindulle is forecast to approach Tokyo's Izu Islands around Friday, while maintaining its power.

The powerful typhoon may bring violent winds, high waves and downpours to the islands.

It may also pound the Kanto-Koshin, Tokai and Tohoku regions with violent winds and downpours.

Weather officials said that as of 6 p.m. on Tuesday, the typhoon was south of Japan, moving north-northwest at 10 kilometers per hour.

It has a central atmospheric pressure of 935 hectopascals, with winds of up to 180 kilometers per hour near its center and gusts up to around 250 kilometers per hour.

Mindulle is expected to gradually pick up speed and move north, regaining strength through Thursday.

Winds may become stronger on Okinawa's Daito Islands, and are likely to whip up waves from Tuesday night through Thursday.

High waves are forecast for wide areas along the Pacific coast in western and northern Japan.

Rough seas are expected off Tokyo's Ogasawara and Izu islands from Thursday and off the Kanto region from Friday through Saturday.

People are advised to stay updated on the latest weather information.