Possible launch of ballistic missile by N.Korea

The Japanese government says North Korea appears to have fired one ballistic missile into the Sea of Japan early on Tuesday. Shortly after the launch, a North Korean diplomat rose to speak at the United Nations and called on the US to scrap its hostile policy against the country.

The South Korean military says it believes the North fired a short-range missile from the northern part of the country toward its east coast. It says it's collecting and analyzing information together with the US military.

Japanese Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide said, "The Japanese government is on high alert and monitoring the situation. We are also analyzing how the launch was conducted."

Japanese government officials say it is unlikely the suspected ballistic missile has fallen inside Japan's exclusive economic zone.

In early September, North Korea announced that it had successfully test-fired newly developed long-range cruise missiles.

Three days later, the North also fired short-range ballistic missiles into the Sea of Japan. It's likely they fell inside Japan's exclusive economic zone.

Tuesday's launch happened the same day that North Korea is expected to convene a parliamentary session.
It would be the first meeting of the Supreme People's Assembly since January.

Last week, Kim Yo Jong, the sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, called on South Korea to abandon its hostility against the North. She also referred to the possibility of holding another inter-Korean summit.

Shortly after the launch, North Korea's ambassador to the United Nations Kim Song took the podium at the UN General assembly to defend his country's nuclear and missile development.

Kim Song said, "Given that the US and South Korean military alliance has increased military threats against the DPRK, no one can deny our right to self-defense to develop, test, manufacture and purchase the weapon systems equivalent to the ones which are purchased or developed by them."

Kim Song also said if the US scraps its hostile policy toward North Korea, his country will welcome the resumption of talks.