Typhoon Mindulle slowly moving north toward Japan

Typhoon Mindulle is slowly making its way north across the Pacific Ocean toward Japan.

Weather officials are warning that the powerful storm could retain its strength as it approaches the Izu Islands around Friday. It may cause rough weather in Tokyo, including the islands.

The Meteorological Agency said that as of 6 a.m. on Tuesday, the typhoon was located off Japan's southernmost island of Okinotorishima and was slowly moving north.

It has a central atmospheric pressure of 935 hectopascals, causing winds of up to 180 kilometers per hour near its center. Gusts have reached around 250 kilometers per hour.

Winds of more than 90 kilometers per hour are blowing within a radius of 185 kilometers.

Rough sea with waves as high as 6 to 8 meters is expected near the Ogasawara Islands from Wednesday night to Friday and around the Izu Islands from Thursday.

The officials are urging people in potentially affected areas to stay on alert for storms, high waves, mudslides, flooding in low-lying areas and swollen rivers.