China criticizes Quad ahead of summit

China has criticized the upcoming four-way summit of the United States, Japan, Australia and India, claiming that the regional group is targeting China.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian spoke to reporters about the Quad alliance on Friday, a day before the leaders of the four countries meet in the US.

Zhao said no regional cooperation mechanism should target another country or undermine its interests. He said forming an exclusive small circle targeting other countries runs counter to the trend of the times, and cannot win support.

Zhao stressed that it is obvious to everyone that China has defended peace, stability and prosperity of the world and the Asia-Pacific region.

He added that relevant countries should view China's development correctly.

The Global Times newspaper, which is affiliated with the Chinese Communist Party, carried an editorial on Friday titled, "Quad mechanism turning into 'sinister gang of Indo-Pacific.'"

It says the purpose of the mechanism is to "encircle China." It says even if it "may form a siege of China," it "will never block China's long-lasting development and rise, or Chinese people's diligence and resolve to make progress."

The article warns Japan, India and Australia not to follow the US too far in confronting China, saying it "will not hesitate to punish them" once they "step on the red line of China's core interests."