N.Korea rejects call to end Korean War

North Korea's foreign ministry has rejected South Korea's call to formally declare an end to the Korean War.

In a statement released by the state-run Korean Central News Agency on Friday, Vice Foreign Minister Ri Thae Song said a declaration of the termination of the war is premature.

This followed South Korean President Moon Jae-in's call to declare a formal end to the war in his speech at the United Nations on Tuesday. He said dialogue and cooperation were key to starting the peace process on the Korean Peninsula.

Ri said, "The DPRK's just measures to bolster up the capability for defence to cope with the US military threat to bring us down by force are described as 'provocations' while the arms buildup escalated by the US and its vassal forces to threaten the DPRK is justified as 'deterrent.'"

The statement said, "Nothing will change as long as the political circumstances around the DPRK remains unchanged and the US hostile policy is not shifted."

North Korea apparently wants US sanctions against it to be lifted and the annual US-South Korea joint military drills to be terminated before the war is declared over.