UK coadministering COVID-19, flu vaccines

Britain has begun offering a booster dose of the coronavirus vaccine to help the country ride out the pandemic through the winter season. It is also giving the influenza vaccination at the same time.

Starting this week, COVID-19 booster shots are being offered to health care workers, people with underlying health conditions and those aged 50 or over, among others.

The UK government recommends residents also receive the annual flu vaccine.

At an inoculation site in London, people were seen being given a booster jab in one arm and a flu vaccination in the other.

For booster shots, the government is using the Pfizer and the Moderna vaccines in principle, saying that they have been confirmed to be highly effective in clinical trials. This means people who have received the AstraZeneca vaccine will be administered a different type of vaccine.

A woman who has breast cancer said she was relieved to get a booster jab as her immune system is weak. She added it was good to get inoculated against flu as well.

A doctor said that many people did not go out last winter due to strict coronavirus restrictions, so flu did not spread. But the doctor said it is possible flu will go around this year, so if people can get both vaccinations at the same time, it would be more convenient.