Govt. may decide on virus emergency next Tuesday

Japan's government is expected to decide on September 28 whether to extend the coronavirus state of emergency.

The measure is in place in 19 prefectures, including Tokyo and Osaka. It is set to expire on September 30.

Some government sources believe the state of emergency may be lifted in many of the areas from the start of next month if the number of new daily virus infections continues to decline.

Numbers are falling in most of areas of Japan. On Tuesday, Tokyo reported fewer than 300 for the first time in three months. The number of cases, including those in serious condition, is also estimated to be decreasing.

Some of the sources expect that continued declines in infection numbers would ease the burden on the nation's healthcare system, allowing the emergency declaration to expire at the end of its current term in many areas.

They believe that anti-virus measures should continue to be implemented appropriately to prevent a resurgence in cases.

Before making their decision, the officials intend to analyze virus-related situations and the healthcare system's preparedness, as well as consult with experts and local governments. They are also considering anti-infection measures for the immediate future.