Taliban says it aims for an inclusive government

The Taliban have described their caretaker government as a temporary one and pledged to establish an inclusive administration in the future.

Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid gave the view in an exclusive interview with NHK in Kabul on Wednesday.

He called on the international community to lift the freeze on the Afghan government's overseas assets and recognize the caretaker government.

Mujahid brushed aside concerns by the international community that the provisional government is made up only of senior Taliban members.

He stressed that discussions are in place to include many other people with the aim of forming an inclusive government.

He also expressed determination to build good ties with the international community through diplomacy. He said when Afghanistan benefits, so will the world, and stability in the country is of importance to the rest of the world.

In regard to Japan, he said bilateral relations have been positive, historically, and the Taliban wish to further promote ties, as Afghanistan is in need of assistance from Japan.

Referring to Japanese doctor and aid worker Nakamura Tetsu, who was fatally shot by an armed group in 2019, Mujahid said Nakamura was a kind person who was devoted to improving the lives of the Afghan people.

He said to the best of the Taliban's knowledge the gunmen were paid to shoot him. He expressed resolve to look into the murder, saying once the Taliban are ready, they will track down the perpetrators and hold them responsible for their action.