One month since Taliban takeover of Afghanistan

One month after the Taliban retook control of Afghanistan, many people related to the collapsed government of former president Ashraf Ghani have effectively lost their jobs.

More than 300,000 former government troops and police are said to fear reprisals by the Taliban. Some have been driven out of their homes and are worried about their future.

Thirty-eight-year-old Noor Kalam lives with his wife and two children on the outskirts of Kabul after serving as a soldier and police officer for 11 years.

He said he has refrained from going out for the past month, and that his family is running out of money and food.
Noor said he's heartbroken as he has no money and can't even buy gum or juice for his children. He also said his kitchen is empty despite his 11 years of service.

He said he and his colleagues are jobless and cannot go back to work as the Taliban have replaced them.

In the southern city of Kandahar, the Taliban reportedly ordered about 3,000 households of former security troops to leave government housing. In response, thousands of people held a protest on Tuesday.

The Taliban are calling on people to return to work, saying they will not harm former security troops and others linked to the ousted government. But as many remain deeply worried and distrustful of the group, achieving national reconciliation remains a key challenge.