Apple unveils iPhone 13 lineup

As the global smartphone market recovers from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, US tech giant Apple has unveiled its new iPhone 13 with improved camera functions.

The four models in the lineup are able to record videos with automatic focus changes, so that anyone can capture moments in cinematic style. They also have a longer battery life than their predecessors. The new iPhones will go on sale on September 24th.

Meanwhile, US market research firm IDC has released smartphone-shipment data for the April-June quarter.
South Korea's Samsung Electronics led its rivals with almost 19 percent of the global smartphone shipment market in the period. It was followed by China's Xiaomi with 17 percent, and Apple with 14 percent.

The market share of China's Huawei dropped after the United States imposed restrictions. On the other hand, shipments of Chinese makers of low-priced smartphones increased.