Taiwan military aircraft land on road in drill

Taiwan's air force conducted a takeoff and landing practice drill on a highway strip Wednesday.

The drill was held in Taiwan's southern Pingtung County on the third day of a five-day annual large-scale military exercise.

The maneuvers were premised on Chinese military attacks disabling Taiwan's air bases and airports. A section of a main highway was cordoned off for use as a makeshift runway.

Three fighter jets, including an F16, and one early-warning aircraft landed one after another, changed direction and taxied on the road. They passed in front of President Tsai Ing-wen, who was watching from a command post.

During the exercise, participants confirmed the process of refueling and resupplying the aircraft with ammunition. Tsai gave a few words to the crew members, then the aircraft took off from the road.

Taiwan's military designates five highway sections that can be converted to makeshift runways in case of emergency. They occasionally hold drills there.

Such drills are seen as a show of Taiwan's capability to hit back in the event of an invasion.

China has increased the activity of naval vessels and military aircraft around Taiwan in an apparent campaign to put more pressure on Taiwan.